Why join a company,

if you can join a revolution?

AI is already here

Over to you, now

At Robovision, we lead companies to the forefront of the human-machine revolution. For that, we need to build our A-team with nothing but A-graders like you.

Take the lead in bringing AI to businesses in healthcare, smart cities, manufacturing, agriculture and food. With a team of 90+ physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives, optimists and makers, we’re out to define the age of AI. Come join us.

Who you'll meet

Simon Ravelingien
Pre-Sales Engineer
Bernard Van Hauteghem
Office Manager
Julie Coorevits
Business Developer
Tim Waegeman
Pieterjan Soetaert
Backend Python Developer
Roshnee Devi Naveen
Data Scientist & ML Engineer
Jonathan Berte
Frances Schutte
Project Manager Agriculture
Jonathan Kesteloot
Business Development Manager
Anton Van Goethem

What we think is important

Our core values

Openness, radical candour, childlike enthusiasm and seeing solutions are definitely high up on the list.
But our core values boil down to these three.

Take ownership

We like it when you think ahead and take initiative.
If we’re talking about a revolution, it’s because we work with people who care about their job just as much as our CEO does. 

You’re in the driver’s seat, so take your responsibility and make that vision a reality.

Share to Grow

If our expertise lives only in our heads, it won’t change the world.
That’s why we’re adamant about sharing plans, ideas and tools between colleagues.
It’s just as much about challenging each other as it is about being open-minded.

Hone your efficiency

Things can always be better. Faster, using fewer resources, producing better end results. Just like we use AI to improve our customers’ lives, we lean on structure, constant optimisation and a systematic approach to making our work not good, but excellent.