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Join the AI Revolution

Robovisioneers are authentic pioneers that boldly go where no AI has gone before.

Writing our beautiful story, together

At Robovision, we lead companies to the forefront of the human-machine revolution. For that, we need to build our A-team with nothing but A-graders like you.

Take the lead in bringing AI to businesses in healthcare, agritech and much more. With a team of 90+ physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives, optimists and makers, we’re out to define the age of AI. 

Who you'll meet




Business Developer


Accounting & Finance


Product Manager


Solution Architect


Chairman of the board & founder


Data Scientist & ML Engineer


Backend Python Developer

Our core values

We are fearlessly authentic

Honesty, integrity and authenticity are the foundation of our culture. We treat each other with respect, openness and attentiveness. Together, we want to foster a healthy workplace with meaningful and lasting connections.

We dream big, but stay humble

At Robovision, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. It’s part of our DNA. We are proud of our team’s achievements, while staying humble to learn from our mistakes. We find magic in small and big victories alike. 

We keep learning to stay ahead of the curve

We grow as a company only by helping teams and everyone grow. We constantly challenge each other and exchange feedback. We share our new-found knowledge to reach our goals and maximise impact.

We trust each other in taking ownership

At Robovision, taking ownership means committing 100% to everything you do. We expect each team member to act responsibly and be accountable, so we can achieve our company's ambitions and help our customers thrive, together.

We take decisive action with informed opinions

At Robovision, we encourage an open, speak-up culture with (self-)reflection. We value informed opinions, diverse perspectives and new approaches that enable decisive action, fully followed and respected by everyone. 

We are determined to have a never-ending impact

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We empower them with cutting-edge technology and top-notch services that create long-term value. We’re very determined to continue to deliver sustainable, scalable results that last.

Open positions

Business Developer Robovision AIBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Customer Success ManagerBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Customer Support EngineerBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Frontend DeveloperBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Pre-sales EngineerBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Senior Software EngineerBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Software Engineer - Team AlgorithmsBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Solution Test EngineerBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Sr Data Scientist - HealthcareBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Talent AdvisorBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde
Test Automation EngineerBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Zwijnaarde