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Business Development Manager

  • Gent, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

Job description

Who are we?

Robovision, a leading AI Platform, is in hyper-growth. With an award-winning platform operating in over 40 countries, we are globally recognized as an AI-vision leader. We have enabled groundbreaking innovations in healthcare, agriculture, retail and manufacturing.

Our AI platform empowers users to intuitively adapt vision intelligence within smart solutions, facilitating seamless creation, deployment, and maintenance of Vision AI at scale. Our low-code platform enables data scientists to focus on innovation, while their operational coworkers can take ownership and continuously improve AI solutions.

Our sector-agnostic platform serves millions of daily predictions, contributing to both bottom-line impact and significant social goals. We work with hundreds of partners for co-creation, implementation, and technology, ranging from ISO Group to Nvidia.

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, with a global team of over 120 Robovisioneers, we are expanding internationally through satellite offices. Our people are ambitious, take ownership, and celebrate shared success, fostering an environment of ambition, respect, and personal development.

Reason for the role
Robovision is adopting a more aggressive and targeted approach to business growth, which has led to the creation of the Business Development Manager role. This position is designed to work parallel to our existing sales structure, focusing on designing and implementing global or multi-region campaigns that leverage our existing customer base and use cases. This innovative approach is based on our observation that expanding upon existing use cases or exploring adjacencies between them is a highly effective way to increase market share in certain verticals.

The Business Development Manager role is essential for driving these initiatives without defocusing the entire organisation on unproven industries. This role requires a true go-getter personality, someone who is not only willing to travel and actively pursue business opportunities but also possesses the strategic acumen for thoughtful planning and execution. The ability to work independently, yet collaboratively with marketing, SDRs, and pre-sales engineers, is crucial. This role is for an individual who can balance proactive business development with the strategic insight necessary to identify and capitalise on new opportunities, thus playing a key role in Robovision's continued market expansion and success.

What will you do? 

  • Design and execute global or multi-region business development campaigns, focusing on leveraging existing customers and use-cases as anchor points for market expansion.

  • Identify and capitalise on opportunities for reselling existing use-cases and exploring adjacencies between use-cases in various verticals, with the aim of cost-effectively increasing market share.

  • Operate in an end-to-end capacity, independently managing the full lifecycle of business development initiatives from planning to execution.

  • Collaborate closely with marketing, sales development representatives (SDRs), and account executives to align campaign strategies with overall business objectives and regional needs.

  • Conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify new business opportunities, potential partnerships, and emerging industry trends.

  • Act as a dynamic go-getter, willing to travel extensively to pursue business opportunities, while also balancing time for strategic planning and execution.

  • Utilise and coordinate with pre-sales engineers and other internal resources to effectively demonstrate and communicate the value proposition of Robovision's products and services.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, clients, and partners to foster long-term business growth.

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of business development strategies, adjusting tactics and approaches based on market feedback and results.

Job requirements

Who are you? 

  • Proven experience in business development, preferably in a technology or AI-focused industry, with a track record of successful market expansion initiatives.

  • Ability to think strategically and execute methodically, demonstrating both creative thinking and strong analytical skills.

  • Strong project management skills, with an ability to lead complex, multi-regional campaigns and initiatives.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of building and maintaining relationships with clients and partners across various cultures and regions.

  • Willingness to travel extensively as required by business needs.

  • Collaborative mindset, with experience working alongside marketing, sales, and technical teams to achieve business objectives.

  • Legal authorization to work in the EU, with the ability to travel internationally.

What do we offer? 

  • A crucial role in shaping and driving Robovision's global market expansion and business development efforts.

  • The opportunity to lead innovative campaigns and initiatives in a rapidly growing international company.

  • Access to a dynamic and collaborative work environment, with support from marketing, sales, and technical teams.

  • Competitive compensation package, including equity options and comprehensive benefits.

  • Regular opportunities for professional growth and development in a cutting-edge technology field.

  • The freedom to innovate and pursue new business opportunities, making a significant impact on the company’s growth and success.